DMG Business

All member estates aim to have a representative present at all meetings. Their meetings are also attended by representatives from the Forestry Commission, SNH regional and wildlife staff, and local community interest groups by invitation.

Minutes of meetings
07.12.18 AGM (draft)
09.11.18 Meeting (Howard Doris Centre, Lochcarron)
09.11.18 Meeting (Kishorn Seafood Bar, Lochcarron)
07.05.18 Meeting
16.11.17 Meeting
18.05.17 Meeting
23.09.16 AGM
20.05.16 Meeting
25.09.15 AGM
29.05.15 Meeting
30.09.14 AGM
30.05 14 Meeting

Chairman – Mr Shaun Macdonald, New Kelso
Treasurer – Mr Mark Pattinson, Lochcarron
Secretary/Facilitator – Tom Chetwynd